Founding Data Analyst

Founding Data Analyst

In the future, almost everything we consume will simply materialise on our doorsteps – what we call “e-commerce” today
will simply be “commerce” tomorrow. But if we continue on today’s trajectory, the growth of e-commerce risks damaging the
environment, alienating our communities, and straining the bottom-line for small businesses.

Relay is an e-commerce-native logistics network. We are built from the ground up for environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
By building from the ground up we are able to entirely rethink both the middle and last mile enabling us to reduce the number of miles
driven to deliver each parcel, lower carbon emissions, and lower costs, all while channelling funds to community members.

At the same time, we’re fixing the last broken aspect of e-commerce for consumers: delivery. As shoppers, we should have complete
control over when and how we receive our purchases, and we should be able to return unwanted items as easily as we ordered them.
That’s why whenever you buy from a merchant powered by Relay, you’ll be able to reschedule your delivery at any time. And if you don’t
like what you ordered, at the tap of a button we’ll send someone to pick it up.

To orchestrate this complex ballet, Relay relies on a wide range of technologies, from advanced routing and planning to sophisticated
user experiences that guide our team members on the ground. We’re looking for a founding engineer to join our team with a focus on our “last mile” – the most operationally complex and critical step in the journey from warehouse to doorstep.

Our success depends on our ability to collect, organise, analyse, and act on the wealth of data our operations generate everyday. In order to maximise the efficiency of our network, we need visibility across every aspect of Relay, from the growth and performance of our courier fleet to the efficiency of our parcel sortation process, and everything in between.

We’re looking for an exceptional data analyst to join our team to enable decision making and leadership at Relay. In this role, you can expect to…

  • Partner closely with the company’s senior leadership in designing, implementing, and presenting key company metrics

  • Take ownership of foundational pieces of Relay’s data ecosystem, including core tables and critical reports

  • Collaborate with team members across every function and business area at Relay

  • Regularly spend time in the field understanding how the metrics and analysis you own match the on-the-ground reality for our couriers and end-consumers

You might be a great fit for this role if…

  • You have a track record of designing and implementing a broad set of metrics that have provided critical guidance to the organisations of which you’ve been a part.

  • You see data science as a function that must play an active role in leadership and decision making in any high-performing organisation.

  • You have high agency and take pride of ownership in your work. You naturally take initiative, seeking out the best opportunities for impact.

  • You have deep empathy for the humans whose behaviour and success your work helps quantify, including customers, partners, and your fellow colleagues. You seek out the chance to hear directly from them and go out of your way to incorporate their feedback into your work.

  • You are eager to learn new quantitative methods and technologies and to take on new problem domains.

  • You value and practise clear communication, active listening, and intentional collaboration.

We are looking for candidates who…

  • Have worked on high-performing data-driven teams for at least four years

  • Have a degree (undergraduate or graduate) in a quantitative discipline such as statistics, physics, maths, economics, or computer science

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